Mundu Montage

Mundu Montage 1.0.14

Share fun content and images with your friends


  • Quickly share images
  • Screen capture facility
  • Imports email contacts


  • Basic drawing tools


I don't know about you, but I'm starting to find text messaging on a mobile a little boring. I'm always trying to inject a little more variety into my communication so I thought I'd give Mundu Montage a go.

The app is designed to enhance messaging between mobile devices, and allows you to create rich visually content to share with your buddies.

You'll need to register online first to make full use of the service, but this is free so it's OK by me.

The program itself basically consists of a blank canvas with several tools for adding stuff to this board to create 'montages'.

You can either choose to draw directly onto the canvas, or snap an area of the screen and add it to the overall design.

The drawing tools are pretty limited though, and you can only really doodle in freehand as there are no shape or line-drawing tools.

There are a few brush colours to choose from though, and you can change the width of the stroke. Still, it's ideal if you're just annotating images I guess.

The snapshot facility works well, and with the inclusion of a 'OneTap' feature, you can share images with your contacts in a snap. Importing your contacts from your Yahoo!

, GMail, AOL or MSN accounts is a breeze too.

If you're looking for a way of sprucing up your messages, Mundu Montage provides a pretty simple means of doing so.

Mundu montage is designed to enhance messaging between mobile devices. Montage allows you to create rich and unique content that can be shared directly to another mobile device.

Mundu Montage


Mundu Montage 1.0.14

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